Jobs for High School Dropouts

Many teens are looking for work because they have dropped out of high school. Unfortunatley, most dropouts are neither going to school, nor working. Furthermore, without a diploma, their future earning ability looks bleak. Read the stories below to find out what kinds of jobs dropouts can do, and why a GED looks like a great idea.

Jobs for High School Drop Outs

Are there jobs for high school drop outs? Yes, there are some, but going without a diploma is going to put you on a hard road for the rest of your life. Read on to find out what jobs you can get, and how to improve your situation.

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Although people who have college degrees can earn hundreds of thousands more than dropouts in their lifetime, there are some careers that are viable for high school dropouts.  This article lists Construction Manager, Bus and Truck Mechanics, Business to Business Sales Reps, Electricians, Machinists, Food Service Managers and Home Health Aide as professions that do not always require higher education.
The Best Jobs for High School Dropouts – TheStreetSep 26, 2011 … Workers without a high school degree earn an estimated $973,000 in their lifetimes, roughly $330,000 less than they wo…
If you look hard, you might find programs that combine education with job placement.  Check with your local college and/or county or city Career Center.  Getting your GED is the essential first step to overcoming dropping out and finding life supporting work.  
Partnership helps high school dropouts earn college credit | MLive …Sep 19, 2012 … Lastacia Barnes, 19, knew that earning a high school diploma was a must, but she couldn't seem to find a high … …
This guy’s story is a wake up call if you are thinking you will be ok without a diploma.  He made the decision to drop out in 9th grade.  He is now 44 years old and has struggled his whole life to find work to support himself and his family.
A High School Dropout's Midlife Hardships : NPRJul 28, 2011 … A High School Dropout's Midlife Hardships … "[Those] good paying jobs, I could' ve had but because I did…
As you can see, you can find work if you choose the right industry, however, you might find yourself competing with people who have diplomas and degrees.  Because the economy has displaced many professionals, they are applying to the same entry level jobs as you.  You will also find yourself in competition with senior citizens who also need supplemental part time income.

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