Jobs for 17 Year Old Students

By Penny Elwright

Working While in School

Jobs for 17 Year Old Students are often necessary. You may need to work while you are in school to help pay for sports, clothes and gas. As a teenager, you may not be so happy about working. However, parents often ask teens to get jobs once they hit driving age. After all, someone has to pay for all that auto expense. Some 17 year olds might think that job opportunities are few. Most job opportunities are in fast food, video stores, supermarkets and movie theaters.

What Jobs Can a 17 Year Old Get?

Regardless of what your ideas about the job market are, students can find wonderful job opportunities, if they know what to look for. Most of this process involves patience and searching online. As an example, there are good websites like this one that assist teens with finding the right job to match their interests and schedule. Consider a job working in the fresh air at an amusement park or lifeguarding at a community center. There really are fun jobs for kids your age out there. You just have to some research in order to see them. The weekly newspaper used to be the source for all jobs for 17 year old students. While you can definitely locate a few part time jobs in your local paper, the Internet is much more efficient. Just be sure when you apply, that can work the hours that they’re asking.

You might be discouraged when you see that employers are asking for experience. Don’t worry. If you are only 17 and this is your first job, emphasize your good personality traits. Fast food restaurants, for instance, look for employees who are upbeat and cheerful. Flexibility is another asset to promote to hiring managers. They want people who are available to work when needed. If you have played in sports, talk about your ability to be a team player. If you have been a babysitter, talk about your ability to manage, lead, and be responsible. If you can’t find a job because of the experience requirement, volunteer or intern first. You can volunteer at your church, the local animal shelter, hospital, camp or daycare.

When interviewing for a part time job, be enthusiastic. Come to the interview prepared. Learn about the company before you arrive. If you are asked why you want to work there, mention that you like the company, you will fit in, and you would like to become part of the team.

The good news is that after 16, it is easier to get hired. Although your job opportunities while you are still attending school are limited, think of them as a stepping stone. You will be accumulating experience and references for your resume!

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