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Where Can You Work When You Are Sixteen?

There are many great ways kids can earn money.  Besides working for fast food restaurants, there are jobs for 16 year olds at other businesses such as movie theaters, hair salons, bowling alleys, supermarkets, game stores, gyms and drug stores. There are also opportunities to start a small business or to work on the internet. Jobs in different states vary according to what restaurant chains are there, company hiring policies and state and federal labor laws. See more about Labor Laws for Youth Here: Youth Rules

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We do have a list of employers who have hired 16 year olds below.

Retail, Fast Food and Grocery Stores

Game Stop: At this time in your life, you can work here. Some cool jobs are Game Advisor and Key Holder. Print out the application at their website and take it to your nearest store!

Burger King: If you are at least above 15 years of age, you can become a team member. Things that you will be doing are take orders and payment, resolve problems, cleaning the restaurant and parking lot, and stocking inventory. The occupations here, are the same as for McDonalds. You can be a Cook, Fry Cook, Cashier, and if you are experienced, a Shift Manager. You might want to be a cashier, although it is hectic, you are only cashing out, answering questions about what is in the food, and wiping tables. Some positions include cleaning the bathrooms and taking out heavy garbage.

Boston Market: Teenagers can work here as servers, cashiers and carvers!

Publix: Here you can apply to be a bakery associate, produce associate, and stocking associate!

KFC – There are various jobs here just as at other restaurants where teenagers are hired. You can cook, take orders or manage.

Giant Eagle: This is also a chain of supermarkets who will take your application.

Sprouts Farmers Market - Baggers are needed to help pack groceries, return merchandise to shelves, retrieve shopping carts and clean aisles.

Toys R Us - Seeking young people for Maintenance and Housekeeping, Back of the House, Pricing, Stock Clerks and Receiving Team Members

Michaels Arts & Crafts - Cashiers can be hired at this age.

Jack in the Box – Crew Members

Marshalls – Merchandise Associate

Home Goods - Sales Associate

Teavana – Baristas

McDonalds – This is the first place adolescents think of when heading out to fill job applications. The job description of a crew member includes tasks such as frying food, grilling food, taking orders, cleaning, serving food and standing on your feet for up to 8 hours a day. There are day shifts, early morning shifts and even overnight shifts.

Pizza Hut – Applications at this restaurant chain include Driver, Server, Waitress and Cook. If you like pizza, you should be the cook. Some restaurants let you take pizza home, or eat incorrectly made orders. In the morning, you will be making dough, preparing ingredients and putting together pizzas for the refrigerator. In the night shift, you will be putting ingredients back and cleaning pans and surfaces.

Dunkin Donuts – You can start your first teen job assignment here as a cashier, server or sales associate. As a cashier, you take orders and cash and stand all day. Server positions involve preparing coffee, serving donuts, making cream, and stocking sugar and milk. You will take turns cleaning, and taking out trash. Some stores let you take home leftovers at the end of the night.

AMC Theater – As a crew member your responsibilities might include: Knowing the movie’s content and ratings and be able to recommend them to different ages and tastes. You might also have to sweep floors, wipe counters, sell food and tickets, clean bathrooms, and assist with seating for the handicapped or elderly. You should expect to work nights and weekends. Some freebies could be free movies and free food!

Here is a longer list of employer career pages:

List of Employer Career Sites and Applications

Here are links to job applications:
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Save Alot application,/a>
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Wendys job application form

Apply and Interview

As you can see, there are plenty of choices in many restaurants. Apply to one today! You can apply online for these jobs or at the location. Some questions that the interviewer might ask will be “Why do you want to work here” and “Tell me about yourself”. Be prepared to talk about your experience and your availability to work. Qualities these managers are looking for are a friendly attitude and an ability to interact nicely with people. These situations will teach you all about excellent customer service and teamwork. You will develop a strong work ethic and an ability to think fast and move fast in a high pressure environment.

Besides corporations, try local small shops, bowling alleys, auto detailers, and beauty salons.

The above employers are great but if you need to make money on your own, you can start your own business such as gardening or snow removal for neighbors. You can also sell used items on EBay. In addition, Gazelle and Guzu will pay you for used electronics. These are options if you have not turned sixteen years old yet.

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