Job Openings for 16 Year Olds

Job Search for 16 Year Olds

By Penny Elwright

Job Openings for 16 Year Olds
Job Openings for 16 Year Olds

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My parents urged me to find a job at the age of fourteen. I was eager to earn money for clothes. I started out babysitting and did that for three summers. I gained the work ethic and confidence that I have today. When I was 17 years old, I worked for an amusement park. It didn't pay much but free tickets were part of the perks.

Besides amusement parks, you can find job openings for 16 year olds at restaurants, stores and movie theaters. Search our website and the job listings above and others online for positions. There is a website that lists jobs openings for sixteen year olds. Not only can you view job openings, but there are some great articles too.

Some 16 year olds are fortunate and can find employment with the family business. In this economy, working for the family business is job security. Take advantage of it.

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