Job Openings for 16 Year Olds

Job Openings for 16 Year Olds
My parents urged me to find a job at the age of fourteen. I was eager to earn money for clothes. I started out babysitting and did that for three summers. I gained the work ethic and confidence that I have today. The way I obtained that job was through a local youth center. I told them I was available, and they recommended me to a woman just 1/2 mile away. You can spread the word wherever you can. Start with places that you frequent such as church.

Besides babysitting you can find job openings for 16 year olds at restaurants, stores and movie theaters. Search our website and the job listings above and other job boards online for positions. Some 16 year olds are fortunate and can find employment with the family business. In this economy, working for the family business is job security. Take advantage of it.

The bottom line is there are jobs out there. The first place to check is the list of who will hire you here: Job Openings. The second place to check is with your school guidance department. If they don’t know of anyone hiring, check with friends and family.  Ask your friends where they plan to work for the summer. If you don’t have a contact, maybe they will. A fourth place to find jobs is through your local government. The government often has youth work and training programs for kids ages 14 through 17. Finally, the last way to find job openings is to just go to each restaurant, grocery store, camp, clothing boutique, gift shop, nursing home, donut shop, hair salon, car wash, movie theater, bowling alley, drug store, and mom and pop shops and ask if they are hiring.

If you cannot find a job this year, consider volunteering at a nursing home, church mission, animal shelter or Red Cross. You will gain experience, recommendations and contacts that you can use in the following year to find a job.
You can also look into internship jobs. These can be paid and unpaid positions. You can find these on Twitter, Facebook,on job boards, and on Google Plus announcements. Another way to make job connections is through your teachers in school. If you are planning to pursue a career in one of the subjects you are taking at school, your teacher might know how to introduce you to to professionals in your field.

The key to anything in life is perseverance. When you keep moving forward towards a goal, you will see how opportunity comes to you.

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