Job Applications for 16 Year Olds

Filling Out Job Applications

by Penny Elwright
Jobs for Teens
Job applications for Sixteen year olds can be found at your local mall or shopping center. For example, TJX is the owner of Marshalls, HomeGoods, AJ Wright and TJ Max and they often hire teens. Stores will be hiring for Christmas soon. This is a great opportunity to find part time jobs for students. Other job opportunities are in libraries, fast food, amusement parks and more. This is a list of some places that have employment openings for teens. For more employers that hire at your age, check here: Jobs by Age.

Burger King
Dunkin Donuts
Party City
Jason’s Deli
Casey’s General Stores
The Fresh Market

Here is the information you will need to fill out a request for employment.

First Name, Last Name
Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
Email Address
Home Address
Previous Addresses
How did you hear about the opportunity?
Position Applying For
Salary that you want
Are you willing to travel or relocate?
Do you have a relative who works there?
Have you ever been employed there before?
Days and hours available to work
Education level
Previous employment details
Criminal history
Upload Resume

Interviewing When You are 16

At the interview you might be asked questions that relate to how you would react or behave in certain situations. Before you meet a manager, read the job posting carefully, note what skills are important to the employer and think of situations where you have used those skills. Be prepared to talk about your leadership and problem solving abilities. Examples of situations might be “How would you handle an irate customer”, or “What would you do if food spilled during rush hour”. You also might be asked about how you are planning to get to and from work if you do not drive and how well can you handle stress.

If you are sixteen years old without much experience, be sure to tell the interviewer that you are willing to learn anything and that you are a hard worker. The manager will explain the job’s duties and ask if you are willing to accept them.

Applications for 16 year olds are similar to job applications at any age. Just fill out as much information as you can, making sure all boxes that are required are filled in. Always check with your parents before divulging personal information online or to anyone.

Rules for Working Minors

Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen year olds and any child under eighteen needs to know the state requirements for working. They can check with their school guidance office or with the Department of Labor. See the resources below. -Hours Allowed to Work” -Teens Who Need Workpapers by State

Part time jobs for sixteen year olds need to fit the student’s schedule. Students are available after school, during the summer and on weekends. If a student is lucky enough to get a job during these short hours, he or he should always be reliable and hard working. Every job he does is a reference for future part time jobs.

The Steps to Finding Job Applications for Teens

The best way to approach finding job applications for 16 year olds is to first check our list of employers that hire. Then check the employer’s career page online. See if they allow online applications. If not, go to the place of hire and obtain the application. Next, if they call for an interview, practice answering questions at home and learn as much about the company and the job as you can. If you follow these steps, you will surely succeed at finding your first job.

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