Job Applications for 15 Year Olds

How to Find and Fill Out Applications for 15 Year Olds


By Penny Elwright

Job applications when you are 15 year olds are the same as for any age. If you do find a job that requires an application, you will need to fill out your name, address, phone number, social security number, education, references and any work experience you have. You will also have to provide working papers. Whenever filling out an application, write neatly and try not to skip questions. It helps to include hobbies and sports that highlight your skills of leadership and responsibility. Most companies today ask for applications to be submitted online. You would go to their website, pick a job opening and then proceed the application process from that point. Before you apply, be sure that you meet the minimum age requirement and that you can work during certain hours.
See Jobs for 15 Year Olds to read about what jobs are actually available for teens your age. In a lot of cases, the type of jobs you are seeking will not need a lengthy applications. These would include babysitting, gardening, dog walking, house sitting, and snow shoveling.

Companies that Hire at 15

Applications for 15 Year Olds
Applications for 15 Year Olds


If you are interested in applications for 15 year olds, there are only a few companies that hire at 15 years old. Your parents should be made aware of any information that you are revealing to anyone. Here are a few job applications:

Safeway Grocery – Go to their website and put in your age and state.

Publix Grocery – Go the the store. At the front of the store there should be a JAC (job application center). It is a kiosk computer where you apply for a job. If you have any questions, you can ask at the customer service desk.


Wegmans Grocery – Go to the website. Halfway down the page on the right, choose your age. Also choose part-time and location. Then click search. This will bring up jobs for 15 year olds. Most of them are titled “Part Time Customer Service”. After you find a job you wish to apply for, choose “Apply”. You will have to register a user name password and email address.

Sitter Cafe – At this site, you will need to register with an email address.

Jobs in Youth Programs

There are also many government run youth employment applications. Some are for the summer. If you don’t see your state, county or city below, go to Google and search for “youth employment program” with your State. Below are some places to find local applications for 15 year olds.

New York City:

Santa Cruz County: Jobs for 14 through 24 year olds.

Massachusetts – Youth Program for 14-21 year olds.

Seattle –

San Francisco Youth Training and Employment- Internship Jobs for Teenagers 415-202-7911

Montana Youth Employment Programs –

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